What is Clarifying Shampoo?

Want to know what is clarifying shampoo? Confused what kind of a shampoo it is? Or you might be interested to know what exactly it does?

You might have heard about this kind of shampoo from your friends or may be you have got to know about it on internet. So, what is clarifying shampoo? A clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that helps in cleaning up hair buildup from the roots. It is like any other shampoo, but the main quality of this shampoo is that it is used to cleanup all residues of hair products, dust and other chemicals (stored on your scalp), which makes this shampoo different from others.

Clarifying shampoo

Difference between a normal shampoo and a clarifying shampoo?

You will find both normal shampoo and clarifying shampoo, same. The only difference is in the ingredients. This shampoo is specifically made for the purpose of cleaning up hair buildup. It basically helps in cleaning up hair and scalp, which makes your hair grow well.


What is hair buildup?

Hair buildup is basically bulk storage of residues of hair products like gel, spray, mousse, wax, etc., residues of chlorinated water of swimming pool ( if you go for swimming regularly ), and dust (environment, air pollution). So, when it get stored in large amount, it is known to be “hair buildup”, this can eventually degrades your hair growth. It makes your hair flat, which looks very dull and lifeless. Hair buildup can also lead to dandruff and itchy scalp, as well as it also affect hair growth. Normal shampoos are insufficient for cleaning up this buildup and only clarifying shampoo can do this work.

Unique ingredient in clarifying shampoo

Acetic acid – This ingredient make this kind of shampoo, different from others. A clarifying shampoo contains acetic acid. It is used for cleaning up, as it is known for its de-scaling abilities. Acetic acid in shampoos comes in a very mild form in clarifying shampoos. So, it is just added in clarifying shampoo just to clean up all the residues.

Clarifying shampoo does not work as a conditioner

Yes, it is right. Clarifying shampoo only work for cleaning up buildup, it does not nourishes your hair. Expert and stylist mostly recommend this shampoo for people who have oily hair and have buildup. It also possess ability to remove all oiliness from hair and can make your hair dry. But, over usage is strictly prohibited as it can damage your hair. For oily hair it most recommended to use 4 times a month in intervals. Who have dry or normal hair, they can use once or twice in a month.

Clarifying shampoo availability

You can find these shampoos any where in market, more conveniently you can find these shampoos online. Find some of the best recommended clarifying shampoos for your hair.

So, these are some of the information we can give you out of our best knowledge. These were some points that differentiate a clarifying shampoo from other shampoos. You can also find the best clarifying shampoo by clicking it.

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