The Best Vitamins For Hair Growth And Stronger Healthy Hair

Hair loss is a problem that is commonly associated with aging. What most people do not know is that proper nutrition also has a lot to do with maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. In fact, the body’s chemistry determines how fast and how healthy the hair can grow. There are quite a number of nutrients in the body that act as vitamins for hair growth. It is important for the body to have sufficient amounts of certain vitamins in order to facilitate the speedy growth of long and healthy hair.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a condition that starts with the slow thinning of hair as well as the production of unhealthy hair strands. A simple problem with hair thinning can eventually lead to hair loss if not properly taken care of. As for the causes of hair thinning and eventual hair loss, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Known to the medical community as alopecia, hair loss as mentioned earlier, is commonly associated with old age. While people, especially men, tend to lose their hair as they age, there are also a lot of young men and women out there who have hair loss problems.

This is due to the fact that hair loss can also be caused by an imbalance in the body’s chemistry. Nutritional deficiency or the lack of essential vitamins in the body can affect the growth of healthy hair. Hormonal abnormalities especially the one that involves the androgen and DHT hormones can also cause hair loss. Of course, genetics also play a significant role as some people inherit the condition from their parents or immediate family members.

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How Can Vitamins For Hair Growth Help?

By regulating and closely monitoring the body’s nutritional needs, natural hair growth can be boosted or restored. People who want to try out supplements that promote hair growth should be able to identify first which essential vitamins and minerals really contribute to having healthy hair.

Examples Of Effective Supplements Which Contain Specific Vitamins For Hair Growth Include:

  • Natrol BiotinBiotin, also known as Vitamin B7 has been long known to be the most powerful vitamin that prevents hair thinning and prevents the adverse effects of alopecia. Natrol Biotin is specifically formulated with healthy hair in mind plus it also has calcium for stronger bones and healthier hair.
  • Viviscal Hair Nourish

    As a drug-free dietary supplement, Viviscal Hair nourish promotes healthy hair growth through various natural ingredients like marine protein complex, horsetail extract and millet seed extract – all of which are essential ingredients for healthier hair.

  • Country Life Maxi Hair

    Country Life Maxi Hair is an ultra-affordable supplement which doesn’t only help with healthy hair growth but it also provides nourishment to the skin and nails. This vitamin supplement also helps in hair regrowth which is beneficial for those who are already suffering from moderate to severe hair thinning.

  • Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx

    Formulated to combat the DHT hormone which is one of the leading causes of hair loss, this product will help the hair follicles to produce hair that is both strong and healthy. It also contains Keratin which increases hair growth and thickness.

  • Helix HX Fast Hair Growth Vitamins

    The name says it all, this popular vitamins for hair growth promotes the growth of vibrant and younger looking hair. Best of all, results will already be visible after just one month of using this product.

These popular hair growth supplements are just some of the many products out there that help people with hair loss or hair thinning problems. It must be noted however that a consultation with a hair specialist or a physician is important prior to taking any vitamin supplement. You can also choose the best vitamins for hair loss by clicking best shampoo for men.

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