Stop Hair Loss Naturally – A Book Review


Hair loss also known as Alopecia or Hair fall is a not a rare condition at all. It is phase of human life that everyone has to go through at some point in their life.

It is better to know that- Hair Fall or Hair Loss is not a disease. Though, it may sometimes happen to you because of any disease.

A research states that an average human being head contains up to 150,000 hairs. And the first time a person notice his hair is falling either when he is brushing his hairs or shampooing. This is very common in many people. Hair loss can happen to Men and Women at any age.


Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution is written by Luis Quiroz Ravines, a prominent author in the world of writing natural remedies on health issues. The book consists of several proven home remedies to stop hair loss to a large extent. You will also get to know- the exact reason behind your hair fall, symptoms, causes etc. Author believes that if you really want to make your hair like they were before you would need to understand about its causes before you start reading the solution.

Let’s get started with most common causes of hair loss:

  • Baldness is one of the most common reason for male to loss their hair at a certain age 50 or above.
  • Lack of certain protein such as: vitamin b deficiency, excess of vitamin A and so on.
  • Heredity is also the reason for most of the people to start losing their hair at a young age. If you’re whole family has been through this similar hair loss pattern, there is a strong possibility that you’ll start losing the hair too.
  • There are few medications related to diabetes, heart problems and depressions which have found to be cause of hair loss.
  • Pregnancy
  • These days Psychological Stress is common among people, any kind of stress related to your physical or mental health that can literally interface with your hormones level.

In Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution you’ll read several other causes of hair loss. Not everyone have the same reason of losing the hair. Hence, the treatment also differs in most cases. Some modern treatments include in the book: Surgery, Laser use, Minoxidil, and Hairpiece use. But, the problem with surgical treatments is that not everyone can afford it, and it doesn’t guarantee that your hair will stay for a long period of time. On the other hand, natural treatments have been much more successful in this case. The methods used in this book are tested and used by many people before publishing. You can prepare the recipes with minimum efforts but remember one thing- you’ll not instantly see the results. As soon as you start using the methods, you’ll gradually see the improvements in your hair growth.  To know more details about the Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution click here.

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