Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hot Roller Review

Being a lady is not always easy, and looking your best with virtually no effort is close to impossible. When you have curly hair, you want it sleek and straight, and when you have straight tresses, you will kill for some curls. No uses, over thinking it, just gets all the necessary tools and change your look according to how to feel today. Embrace yourself, simple and easy.

One of the perfect hot hair roller I have found indispensable in my bag of tricks is the Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hot Roller. It is easy to use and very effective in making me look and feel my best.

Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hot Roller Review

Features of Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hot Roller

Twenty Velvety Rollers

  1. I like the idea of twenty rollers. My hair is thick and unruly, and would never have been tamed with less. With other products in the past I had to buy more than one set, which was not very good financial, sense.
  2. The Remington hot rollers come in two different sizes that were very helpful.

Silk Ceramic Technology

  1. Silk powder is molded into the resin of heated clips.
  2. Silk is an age old cure for frizz in hair. The silk powder resin seals the hair cuticles for a frizz-free shine.

Hinged Clips

  1. Hinged heated clips work with the rollers to lock in a long lasting style. This is the best part of this product for me. Heat helps set your style from the inside and the outside.   This makes it effective and time saving.  Double points from me.
  2. The set also includes sectioning clips to help make your styling more defined. The sectioning clips are especially helpful when you are new and still learning to work with the product.

90-second Heat

  1. The Remington hot roller rack heats up in ninety seconds!
  2. A helpful LED light indicates when the rollers are ready to be used.

Specifications of Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hot Roller

  • Plastic clip
  • Duel heating technology
  • 90-second heat up time
  • Silk ceramic technology
  • 20 rollers
  • Four year warranty

Pros and Cons of Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hot Roller

As with all products, there are pros and cons. In the Remington ceramic heated clip setter the pros far out way the cons.


  • Long lasting curls in just 5 minutes
  • Neat storage for mess-free cleanup
  • More than enough rollers even for thick hair
  • Heats up fast and stays warm
  • The silk ceramic technology sells this product for me


  • The clips might come off causing the roller to fall out.

How To Use Remington T Studio Hot Roller Instructions


From the above Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic hot roller review, we have concluded that this product is one of those top ten that every lady should try. I found it easy to use without any help, and the result caused heads to spin and jaws to drop. Split ends will occur if you use hot air for blow dry. You should not use hot devices frequently. You will notice breakages if you use pins on your hair. It’s better not to use pins all the time. But if you really want to use, you should keep pins in different sections. In my opinion, a product that makes you feel good about yourself is always a good investment. It is durable, easy and neat to store. It was well worth my time and money.

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