Remington I-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System Review

Remington I-Light Pro Hair Removal System is FDA cleared. It is for best laser hair removal technique at home. The device uses IPL hair removal technology. IPL is an abbreviation for intense pulsed light hair removal technology. It is not based on laser. The light waves destroy hair roots, which gradually reduces the hair growth. It is also clinically proven and its technology is similar to the one used by reputable beauticians. The Remington laser hair removal will let have a private and safe laser hair removal at home. You do not have to make sessions appointments anymore. Remington I-Light Pro Hair Removal Device results are long lasting. If your hairs grow again they will be extremely fine and thin. You will not be able to notice them. With frequent use you will get rid of unwanted hair permanently. You will enjoy a smooth, fresh and clean body.

Remington I-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System Review

Features of Remington I-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System:

Remington laser hair removal device is a corded device. It offers 1,500 flashes. Time between each light flash is between 1-2 seconds. The 1500 flashes can be enough for about 10 full body treatments. The device has five energy levels. Remington I-Light Pro Hair Removal System is also remarkably fast due to fast flashes rate. The fast flash rate means the pause time between each light flash. In Remington hair removal device, the estimated pause time is only 1-2 seconds. It can handle your armpit hair removal in 15 minutes.

Specifications of Remington I-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System:

Remington laser hair removal machine is able to give you smooth and clean skin in just 5 treatments. It also has 2 years warranty. It will not consume time in recharging because it is corded device. The ProPulse technology delivers fast results that will last up to 6 months. Remington laser hair removal also has a powerful reflective window to block UV rays.

Pros & Cons of Remington I-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System


  • Fast treatment as the time between flashes is extremely short
  • FDA cleared
  • Clinically proven
  • Advanced Intense Pulsed Light hair removal technology
  • Affordable price and affordable cartridges
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cartridge sensor that will notify you about the time for new cartridge purchase
  • No recharging time waste, as it must be connected to electricity
  • Five energy levels
  • Built in skin tone sensor
  • Built in Skin Contact Sensors
  • Quick flashing time
  • Ultimately safe for people with light to medium skin tones and dark hair
  • Fairly painless
  • Easy to use


  • Remington I-Light Pro is not for dark skin tones. This con is in other devices as well


From the above Remington I-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System review, you can easily find the best for you. Remington laser hair removal machine is a very affordable hair removal device with fast and permanent results. This is ideal for limited budgets. Its light technology is completely safe for skin. It will not cause irritation or burns. The Remington hair removal device is recommended for skin tones from light to medium with black and brown hair colors. It can also work with ivory to light brown skin tones and not suitable for darker skin tones or red, blonde, grey and white hair colors. It is super easy and painless to use. The machine is worth paying and trying.

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