Men’s Grooming Becomes A Big Industry

Let’s be honest for a second here, how much do men really spend on male grooming products? Is that number with a, “B”, really, wow? In the year 2017, Men are spending close to 6 Billion dollars on men’s grooming products, who would have thought that? You see men all day long, have you ever considered the guy in the elevator with the immaculate beard to be someone standing in the aisle. Reading the backs of labels to see which one has tea tree oil in it? I bet you have not.

Who Is Buying Men’s Grooming Products?

Men that’s who! Fathers, brothers, boyfriends, teachers, and construction works and all of the above are spending hundreds of dollars a month. Before, walking past a horde of women standing in the aisle at your local store browsing up and down the aisle looking, for the new shade of, Brazilian Bronze foundation was common. Now, we have rough and tumble men, standing in the very next aisle, looking at beard oil and four blade razors. For that safer and closer shave. What’s happening?

Male Grooming Products

Things Are Changing

Why have men taken an interest into their appearance? Or even yet, have they always had an interest but nobody was really paying attention to it? Years ago, a Man’s Man, was hairy and rough, had a big rough beard, and wore clothes that may or may not have fit well. Now, those days are long gone. Men are looking for a much more streamlined look. Shaved, small beards or goatees, their clothes are tailored and fit accordingly. Things have become so much easier for men to purchase their products they do not even have to leave the house.

Buy It Online

Now, in certain cases, you will not see a group of men standing in an aisle at your local store, besides a few. Someone got smart and decided to market to men directly on-line. How so? Mens Grooming products in a box, styled clothing in a box, trendy clothing in a box, literally whatever he needs. They go out, buy a subscription, fill out a questionnaire about what they like or do not like, maybe some other details about interest or hobbies and it provides a package of male grooming products like Best beard trimmer, beard oil and clothes that will be shipped right to their home.

Men's Grooming Products

Market Niche

The untapped market has finally found a group of people who, at one point thought they would never have products for themselves. Many times you are left walking the lane and you see four rows of women’s products. Then you look over and see this lonely looking corner of four men shavers, two cans of shaving gel, and two types of deodorant. Honestly, it’s embarrassing to think, no one thought Men needed products that were custom made for them. And now look at it, the industry is booming, Men are buying products like Best beard trimmer, beard oils at an alarming rate, and they are looking good doing it.


Who in the world would have thought by making just a few men grooming products that just said, “Made for Men”, would have turned into this huge Billion dollar industry.


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