How To Regrow Hairs

Many people suffer from the problem of how to regrow hair and hair loss at a rate that is problematic to say the least. Before we get to the actual methods of how to regrow hair however, let’s first consider a few facts.

Yes, there are a number of gimmicky products around – similar to the old snake oil thing that you see in old western movies – saddle up! But at the same time, there are also quite a number of worthy products on the market these days that actually do work well.

Before heading off to your local chemist, there are a few organic hair loss shampoos to boost hair re-growth that you may wish to consider.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Genetics surely does play a part, no doubting it. But a few other reasons are responsible. Lack of vitamins being one of them.

Fast foods these days play a part in many people’s diets, and as much as you would like to think that in recent times what with all the chat about good quality hamburgers and low fat french fries, the fact remains that this type of diet if consumed regularly is not going to be of much benefit – more harm than good, truth be told!

For anyone who is victim to a regular fast food diet, chances are decent that you or they will be lacking in such vitamins as A, B, E (folic acid) and a number of others besides. The below mentioned vitamins actually play a solid part in maintaining healthy hair growth and re-growth.


Vitamin A

It is particularly important here. Should you lack on vit. A intake, then you are doing your hair no favors! Vitamin A is known to provide for moisture to the scalp, and that scalp moisture or lack of, is one of the reasons why many individuals lose their hair in the first place.

Vitamin B

What about vitamin B? Vit. B has something of a similar effect to that of vit. A – secretions of sebum to the scalp which then enhances hair follicle growth and or re-growth.

Now the bad news. If you are genetically ordained in such a way that you are due to lose hair early on in life, or at any time throughout life for that matter, then I’m afraid that there is little that can be done. There are no products on the market that can truthfully claim to be able to change your genetics and thus to have your hair regrow to the extent that it was capable of doing at one time.

Interestingly enough however, when I relocated to the heat of Malaysia from my home in the United Kingdom, where I spent some 40 years of my life, I was amazed to find that my hair actually started to grow longer. The hair on my head has always grown well, but this was the hair on my arms and on my legs (some people call me werewolf  ). Its almost as if the warm air mixed with the humidity combined to improve hair growth over all. Plus I found that the grey hair on my head started to change to a more bronzy coloring, which is always something of a blessing.

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