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Scalp in humans is a sensitive area so the problems of scalp can be a source of itchy, pollution, and hair loss. Here are an overview of the common scalp problems and ways to deal with it.

Many people believe that dandruff and lice are the only scalp problems can appear, but in addition to this, there are a wide variety of scalp problems, some serious and others light. Existing hair on our heads covers the scalp.

Therefore, most of us do not care about it, unless there is a problem. Here are some common scalp problems, and ways to deal with them :

  • Dandruff : Let’s start with the problem is known to everybody – dandruff. Everyone has a dandruff known to what extent the embarrassing presence of small white spots on the scalp – especially when they are located on or dark clothing when he noticed someone else. The cause of dandruff is the presence of an excess of the remnants of dead skin that fall out of the scalp.

Dandruff is not dangerous or contagious but may be irritating and cause itching. Although it can not be eliminated permanently, it is relatively easy to control the appearance through careful washed at frequent intervals with special shampoo.

May need to workout two or three different products until you find a shampoo that really helps in the elimination of dandruff, which may take several weeks. If the shampoo in the supermarket does not remove the dandruff, you can go to the dermatologist, who will fit the medical shampoo which requires a prescription.

Scalp Problems

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis : In addition to regular dandruff, person with seborrheic dermatitis develops redness on the face and scalp, due to excessive secretion of milk from the sebaceous glands in the skin. Seborrheic dermatitis is spreading, especially in people with skin or greasy hair, acne or psoriasis.
  • Ringworm : Used drugs that are taken by mouth for the treatment of this disease, and has a long recovery period lasts from six weeks to four months. Use an antifungal shampoo may help reduce the risk of spread of infection to family members and people close to the infected person.
  • Folliculitis : Folliculitis is an inflammation or infection in the hair follicles, which is caused by bacteria – usually Staphylococcus aureus – which enter into the hair follicles and cause pollution. Hair follicles can be irritating when shaving and even put make-up, or when wearing the clothes.
  • Psoriasis : Psoriasis is a skin disease that can affect the skin anywhere in the body almost, including the knees, elbows, and often appears on the scalp. The disease leads to produce many new skin cells, and keep the excess skin cells on the scalp. Excess cells are thick and can cause pain and itching. Psoriasis usually treated with creams or ointments steroids. Shampoo that contains salicylic acid can also help. Ultraviolet light therapy may also help people infected with psoriasis.
  • Lichen planus : Lichen planus is a skin disease feudal crusty idiopathic, which can affect the skin and mouth. No one knows for sure what causes this disease, but there are several theories on this subject, starting from the constant pressure, and the end of heredity.

Some believe that there is a relationship between lichen planus and hepatitis C. Type from Lichen planus is a type of autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks by mistake the human body. Medicines used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis can lead in some cases to appear.

People with lichen planus appear to have protrusions flat violet or red skin. These protrusions that cause severe itching. Lichen planus cause redness, irritation, hair loss on the scalp and so on. The main treatment is the steroid drugs by injection or by mouth. Sometimes a shower that can help relieve itching. Sometimes is used as a type of ultraviolet light therapy as part of treatment.

  • Finally the lice : Of common scalp problems and annoying, head lice, which almost inevitable, and it appears to the millions of children all over the world. Most of the injured are children between the ages of 3-11. When have one of the children in kindergarten or school lice, quickly spread rapidly to the heads of other children who play with them, sharing combs, brush and hats. There are a myriad of therapies for the treatment of lice phenomenon. Most parents choose to use a lice comb to catch lice and their eggs, and also special types of shampoo, lotion, and that needs to each prescription.

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