Female hair loss treatment

Did you know that women too can suffer from hair loss and that female hair loss treatment is different from men’s treatment? This is because men and women have different hormonal structure and women’s hair structure is different from men’s. The main reason for female hair loss today is mainly distress and hormonal imbalance and the most common type of female baldness is called Female Pattern Baldness.

Here, on this Shampoo for hair loss website you will find out which are the best known female hair loss treatments that are really effective or can at least prevent you from losing your hair. In most cases female’s hair begin falling out and thinning because of many factors. Some of them need medical treatment, while some can be controlled by home remedies, good nutrition and with a help of vitamins, especially B2, B Complex and vitamin C.

Another effective female hair loss treatment can also be achieved by eating a diet, which is rich with not only vitamins, but also with iron and zinc, which will prevent this problem of hair with preventing deficiencies. Sulfur too can contribute to hair loss preventing; you can find it in onions and garlic.

hair loss treatment

Another great female hair loss treatment would be with green tea and Rosemary, which will help you reduce the thinning of your hair. Green tea affects a certain hormone, which is responsible especially for female pattern baldness. You can apply green tea directly to your scalp and let it dry there, leaving it overnight. Then wash your hair.

Female hair loss treatment cannot be 100% effective, if you know that you have a genetic predisposition to your hair loss, but you can do a lot to prevent losing your it too soon. If hair loss is caused by stressful situations, you can help yourself by reducing these situations – learn how to relax, meditate and do involve into different types of sport activities, which will relax you. Another reason for losing your hair, if you are a female, can be menopause, because your hormones become imbalanced.

Another reason for hair loss can be an uncontrolled low thyroid gland, but you can control this illness by medications, so talk to your doctor, if you too are having the same problems. Since women’s baldness is much bigger problem for women than men’s baldness, many women all around the globe are desperately trying to find effective female hair loss treatment.

What you can do without taking any herbs, medicals and preparations, is that you quit smoking as soon as possible, if you are a smoker and say no to alcohol. Saw palmento is known to be a natural supplement, which promotes hair growth. Another great female hair loss treatment could also be scalp massages, which will do good not only to women, but also men.

When you get your scalp massaged, your masseur will massage natural and essential oils, rich with vitamins into your scalp and this will also stimulate hair growth.  Choose female hair loss treatment which best suits your needs. If you want to know more about the hair loss in women, click here.

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