How To Hair Dye : 20+ Hair Experts Reveal Their Hair Dyeing Tips For Beginners

There are lots of tricks and tips which you can use to make your perfect hair. If you are doing hair dye for the first time things can go wrong. That is why you need some trusted tips from the experts to get this process done easily and effectively.  There are so many tips and ways available on the internet and these all seems promising. But there is no trusted source which comes from professional hair dyeing experts.


We have asked our saviors hair experts about the expert tips for hair dyeing for beginners.  They have shared their best tips about what they think is important if you are dyeing your hair.

Pre-conditioning Your Hair Is Necessary & Beneficial As Compared To After Conditioning

Another important factor that people forget to do is conditioning your hair a few days before hair dyeing can save it from the effect of strong chemicals that could irritate your skin otherwise. Some experts suggest applying a petroleum jelly to your scalp close to the hairline. But conditioning them a lot after dyeing can do more harm and may fade away your shinny hair color.

Using A Natural Shade Is Safe & Awesome Way To Dye Your Hair

Glosses may be used if you want a highlight done or want to add a tint to your hair. Dark Brown Dyes could make anyone envy. If you were impressed by a hair model and want the same shade done, seek a professional advice as what looks flattering on others may not work the same for you.

If you are going for highlights or a dramatic hair color change, please be aware of the maintenance overheads. Drastic color change with hair dye would demand visiting the salon every six weeks for a touch up. For a simple upkeep, it is better to choose a shade close to your natural hair color. This lets your new roots smudge well with the colored hair.

Shampooing too much could dry your hair and leave them fizzy and faded. Do not experiment with home treatments on dyed hair.

Hair dyeing for beginners can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. We have gathered these tips to help the beginners make the right choice and help them upkeep their hair post dyeing. Scroll down to read details from experts.

At the end we would like to thank our experts who spent time talking to us and shared their thoughts about hair dyeing with us. We really appreciate it.

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Experts Roundup on Hair Dyeing For Beginners Tips 2017

Alicia Bell

Alicia Bell

My expert advice would be for you to test your hair before fully dying it. You never want to have to spend all sorts of money trying to fix a major hair mistake from dyeing. Take the time to test before fully committing to make sure that you like it.



If you are dyeing your hair at home, Choose the box color you want to go with very carefully – because what you see isn’t always what you get (I know from experience)!
Don’t rely on the picture of the model on the box, it can be misleading.

Instead, focus on the words used to describe the shade.

Colors described as:

  1. Ash is good for people looking to combat brassiness.
  2. Golden will incorporate more yellow tones and are great for people looking to conceal grey hair.
  3. Violet in it will have purple tones.
  4. Neutral can mean several different things, but usually implies a blue base to the shade.

Kathryn Dickinson

I have transitioned to cleaner solutions for hair coloring over the last year and switched to a stylist who uses Organic Colour Systems. It is much safer than conventional products and I actually like the color BETTER than the ones found at traditional salons.


Nia Patten

My best advice would be, if you’re going to use dye at home, take time on the preparation. Make sure hair is tangle free and dry. Apply a barrier like petroleum jelly to hands, wrists, ears, neck and forehead. Work in sections to get the dye even. Home dye can produce good results as long as enough prep goes into it

Sarah Mushenheim

Sarah Mushenheim

As an avid lover of box color and my bright red hair, I will say that dyeing your locks is only half of the battle. The ultimate goal when you color your hair is for it to stay salon fresh for as long as possible and this can only be achieved with maintenance! Invest in a good heat protecting spray, nourish your hair with styling oil, and try to avoid washing your hair if you can.

Lil Red Fun Fact: To keep my red fiery, I only wash my hair once a month! Now that’s dedication. 🙂

Lisa Alexander

Lisa Alexander

The key is to decide what “look” you want for and start with baby steps to avoid a later regret. If you are simply looking to enhance your color make sure you do not do the entire head the same as it makes it obvious you are dying your hair. Balayage is great approach as its a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. A good brand is also extremely important. Schwarzkopf is a great one.

Karuna Chani

Karuna Chani

Dyeing your hair can be a big commitment. Luckily there are semi/demi colors for when you don’t want to take the plunge and go permanent! Dyeing your hair yourself with semi/demi colors is safe, but if you want a permanent color, always go to a professional. Box dyes may seem easy to use and convenient, but a “”one color fits all,”” more often than not, does not provide the right solution for your hair. It is very possible that the color you see on the box will not translate on your own hair; as box dyes don’t take hair undertones, textures and styles into consideration. Whereas if you go to a hairstylist, they will keep these details in mind, and make your hair look and feel great!


Chere Di Boscio

Make sure you use a natural or organic dye. Most hair dyes contain seriously harsh, toxic chemicals that can not only damage your hair, but your overall health, too.

Lauren Minchen

I am certainly no hair expert, but as someone who has purchased many boxes of hair dye over the years, I would recommend visiting a salon and getting a professional dye first. Use the time to learn what colors and tones work on your natural color before going out on your own. Also, I recently learned that some salons will apply your preferred box color for a reduced fee! This means a professional dye job for a fraction of the cost! Finally, if you’re looking to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in hair dye, stick to highlights that go just up to the root (rather than lathering up on your scalp) or find a non-toxic salon or box brand in your preferred color (I like NaturTint box color).


Vijay Diwakar

To get a perfect hair color it’s more of taste than it is science. If you know what looks good on you, you can easily pick the perfect hair color for you. But still there are some things that needs to be consider, especially when you are doing your hair coloring at home.

1. Avoid washing your hair before dyeing it

By doing this, you are keeping your natural oils as well as protecting your scalp and hair.

2. Go for a strand test

Dye few hair strands of hair before dyeing your whole head. You can do the test on bits of hair, which is normally hidden, like behind your ear. This will give you an idea of how long to keep the color mixture on

3. Wait for a minimum of 24 hrs before washing your hair

To make your hair color last longer, it is important that you wait for 24 hours to the settle the hair dye in your hair.

4. Apply petroleum jelly or body lotion around your face

This will keep off the dye from going onto your skin

5. Take help

If you have long hair, it’s best to take someones help to tip the ends of your hair.

There is nothing wrong with doing your hair at home. In fact, it’s a great idea economically. However, just like any other thing, a great idea can turn into a great disaster if not done right. Doing hair color at home comes with a great risk. If you are not careful you might end up doing more damage than good. The cost of which could end up more than you would have paid if you get your hair coloring professionally done.



Cover your skin with Vaseline before dyeing your hair to avoid staining your skin. Make sure you rinse it out after the indicated time, leaving it for too long will lead to hair damage!



I always recommend seeking out someone more knowledgeable than you if you’ve never dyed your hair before. My best advice came from the clerk at the store in which I purchase my hair products from, as she was able to give me helpful tips and tricks to find the perfect colors to blend together to reach the color I wanted and have a successful dye job!

Lucy Gulland

Lucy Gulland

At Purepotions we focus on people with sensitive skin, or those prone to allergies, eczema or dermatitis. Hair dye can contain some very strong chemicals that can cause itchiness, flaking scalp and allergic reactions so we would always advise doing the 24 hr patch test as suggested on the dye packet if you have any history of sensitivity at all!

My top tips for those with sensitive scalps is to deeply condition the hair a few days beforehand with Purepotions’ 100% natural Scalp Oil first: apply this nourishing blend of herbal oils last thing at night and wash out in the morning with Purepotions ultra-gentle Natural Shampoo. This helps to get hair in a healthy state to take the dye. After dyeing, condition your hair with Scalp Oil overnight regularly; this will keep colour rich and vibrant for longer.

Tip 2 is to smear Purepotions all-natural Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment around your hairline before dyeing; this is a perfect natural barrier for keeping the dye from staining your skin. You can even use the Skin Salvation lip balm for this job!

Kaila Yu

Kaila Yu

I’m a bleached blonde Asian girl so I’ve had my share of nightmare experiences bleaching my hair at home. If it’s your first time ever bleaching your hair and you are a brunette, I recommend going to a salon. It’s worth paying the price for such a big job. I recommend bleaching just the roots and touchups at home, you can save a lot of money this way. Now here’s my secret! The secret is to coat your entire head of hair with melted coconut oil the night before you bleach it, cover it with a shower cap and then bleach your hair the next day when you wake up, with the oil still in your hair. You’ll be amazed at how much less damaged your hair will be after the entire bleaching process!

Tamanna Islam

Tamanna Islam

1. Choose a color that is not opposite of you skin’s undertone
2. Prep your hair by taking really good care if for a week at least ( masking, hot oil massaging etc) so your hair gets the strength to fight the damage of hair dye
3. Avoid all normal shampoo but use only a color protective and mild shampoo to keep the hair dye fresh as long as possible. Never forget to use a color protection conditioner.


Melanie Gavin

Prior to dyeing your hair, it is wise to limit use of conditioners that contain silicone (dimethicone) as this ingredient can build up on the hair shaft and prevent the colour from absorbing. To maintain your colour following hair dyeing, its important to ensure you use a sulphate free shampoo as sulphates can strip the hair of colour.



Avoid washing your hair too much. Shampoo and even plain water will contribute to your hair color fading. Washing your hair every other day at the most will help your color stay vivid for longer.


Pedro Catala

The best three natural substances to refresh your colour are:
1. Henna: is a dye plant substance that can give dark hair a red-orange color with copper reflexes, but gives red reflections on blonde hair.
2. Azulene: which is extracted from the chamomile by squeezing the flowers. Works wonders on blonde hair.
3. Indigo: The indigo itself gives a blue color; So if used in conjunction with henna gives the hair a red-brunette reflection.


Molekor Adeyinka

There are many kinds dyes out there to fit the needs of everyone- The Permanent, Semi- Permanent and Temporary. The key however, is to find what suits your hair type and is healthy for your hair texture. I would advice that to keep your hair from suffering any type of loss or harshness, go for plant based dyes like the Henna (Lawsonia inermis)- that is quite common in Nigeria, indigo, Cassia obovata (also known as senna), hibiscus (what we call zobo), turmeric, and beet root juice amongst others. The great thing about these dyes I mentioned is that unlike the synthetic dyes they do not damage the texture of our hair.


Tova Hanifin

Keep your complexion clear & even– even when you dye your hair!

1. Before dyeing your hair, apply Vaseline or a non-porous jelly such as Alba Botanica UN-petroleum Jelly to protect the hair-line from irritation.
2. Avoid ammonia and peroxide products. Schwartzkopf and Wella hair dyes have good color selections and are ammonia and peroxide free so they’re gentle on the scalp and skin.
3. After dyeing the hair, wet 100% cotton with distilled water and wipe down the face to remove any residue and calm the skin.

Visit for more tips and learn how remarkable skincare transforms your skin.

Koya Webb

Koya Webb

For me perfect hair is hair you love! After years of fear I decided to dye my hair for a fresh new look, but treating it with love and care afterwards is what has kept it healthy and free from the damage I feared.  My vegan diet is a big help to keep it nourished, so if you are not vegan you can try eating more plant based hydrating foods to give your hair those extra vitamins. Aside from what you eat, also focus on what you put on your hair. Look at the labels of the shampoos you buy and try to buy the most natural ones without silicones and alcohols. And last but not least, I add in a weekly coconut oil treatment for half an hour and rinse out to give my hair an extra nourishing boost!


Praveen Dilip

Here are some do’s and don’ts to dye hair at home:

  • It is imperative that a patch test should be conducted on a section of a hair before the full hair is dyed.
  • Always start from the roots and go down the length.
  • Comb the hair for even application. Use a tooth brush to tame the small fly always.
  • Keep wet wipes handy to sop up dye splatters.
  • Use Vaseline on the hairline area to prevent the dye from colouring your skin.
  • Putting on a shower cap will hasten the dying process while also preventing the dye from dripping.


Hydrate before and after dyeing your hair and try to use natural products without harsh chemicals. There are some great natural dyes out there!