What Is The Most Effective Hair Loss Shampoo I Can Buy?

Valuable Tips For Choosing Great Shampoo For Thinning Hair And Hair Fall

Hair loss is a very common problem. No one is spared from hair loss whether you are a guy or a girl, old, middle-aged or even in your early adulthood. Most people, if not all, are afraid to lose their hair or even experience hair thinning. This is because a person’s hair has so much to do with the way people look and the way they see or perceive themselves. However, you shouldn’t worry at all because there are medical procedures and even topical treatments like hair loss shampoo and other topical products which can restore your lovely locks within a certain period of time.

Common Factors That Contribute To Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

Though hair thinning and hair loss really come with age, there are a lot of other factors that contribute to the premature thinning of hair. Studies have shown that there is a gamut of things that contribute to the thinning of hair and total hair loss. Hair loss can be hereditary and so genetic factors  always come into play in the occurrence of thinning hair or balding.

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Some medical conditions contribute significantly to the thinning of hair for both men and women. Conditions such as alopecia, thyroid problems and skin and scalp disorders can trigger the loss of hair for individuals. It has also been proven that certain medications really contribute to hair thinning and balding. Individuals who are taking medications or undergoing treatment for high blood pressure and heart problems, depression, arthritis and cancer have a very high risk of suffering some form of thinning of loss of hair.

Other external factors that can cause hair thinning and hair loss may also include stress, emotional shock, and excessive hair pulling due to specific mental disorders and even certain hairstyles.

Hair Loss Shampoo As An Immediate Remedy

Medical procedures specifically aimed at preventing or restoring thinning hair is now available for people who want to seek treatment. But then, an immediate remedy for hair thinning and hair loss comes in the form of hair shampoos which are tailor made for people who are suffering from the said condition. Some of the proven hair loss shampoo include:

  • Activ8 Shampoo
  • RegenePure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo
  • DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo
  • Revlon PROYOULA Science Shampoo for Hair Loss

Activ8 Shampoo

activ8 shampoo review

Activ8 Shampoo is a pH neutral shampoo with plant-derived active ingredients which inhibits the sebum and DHT build-up. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that and an enzyme that contribute significantly to hair loss especially for men. With it’s anti-DHT properties, Activ8 can effectively invigorate and restore hair to its natural look and former luster.

RegenePure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo


This shampoo contains the following active ingredients: saw palmetto to block DHT build-up, niacin which boosts the blood circulation around the scalp and emu oil which further nourishes the hair. The combination of such active ingredients facilitate healthy hair growth.

DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo


The Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo manufactured by DS Laboratories has a very effective and potent mixture of amino acids, biotin, caffeine and antioxidants among others. Like RegenePure, it also contains emu oil which helps in the fast absorption of ingredients in the scalp.


Revlon PROYOU hair loss shampoo

Revlon PROYOU is one of the newest products in the market which has been proven to stimulate hair growth. With Swertia as its active ingredient, Revlon PROYOU has been tested by the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation of Milan and is said to have yielded positive results.

LA Science Shampoo For Hair Loss

LA Science Shampoo For Hair Loss

This hair product promises improved hair growth by facilitating the fast absorption of nutrients through its active ingredient, Copper Peptides. Copper Peptides makes it easier for the scalp to absorb all the nutrients which can slow down hair thinning and can prevent hair loss. Though the market for hair loss shampoo has significantly grown in the past decade, buyers and individuals who want to restore the former luster and glory of their hair should only settle for the best shampoo out there. As a final notice, it would be best to buy a shampoo which does not contain any sodium lauryl sulfate because it may contribute to hair thinning, hair loss or worst, eventual balding.

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