Conair Instant Ceramic Hot Roller Review

When you have to go to a function or any event, every lady desires to have the best hairstyle. At different types of events like wedding, party and cultural festivals, you want to choose your hairstyle according to circumstances and modern trends. If you want a shiny, romantic and gorgeous hairstyle, Conair Instant Ceramic Hot Roller will be the best option for you to make your style. It is an easy option to create curls or straight hairstyle by using Conair hot rollers. There are two different types of hot rollers. One is the ribbed type which is an old type, which people use because of one benefit that these are easily removable from hair. Another type is flocked rollers, which gives you modern hairstyles by holding curler’s position in your hair. There are further categories of flocked rollers like sponge rollers, wax core rollers, and ceramic infused rollers. The best type is ceramic flocked roller with cord reel. If you want to get this type of roller, then choose Conair brand which gives you best quality flocked roller with cord reel.

Conair Instant Ceramic Hot Roller Review

Why Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked, the roller is the best option??

There are many features and specifications which this type of Conair hot rollers has.

Features of Conair Instant Ceramic Hot Roller:

  • Produce Ions & Use Far-infrared Heat: Ceramic Flocked Rollers use far infrared heat and produce ions to lock your hair into curler.
  • For Frizzy Hair: If you have damaged, frizzy and rough hair, Conair Instant ceramic flocked roller will be suitable for all kinds of damaged hair.
  • Different Sizes of Rollers: Roller size is an important feature for your hairstyle. If you want to get all your hair curl, you should use set of rollers with same sizes. For versatility of styles, you should use different size rollers. Conair Instant ceramic flocked roller product has three roller sizes, which help to make your different styles.
  • Temperature Setting: When you use hot rollers, you have to keep information about temperature settings of rollers. Mostly thin and smooth hair requires less heat than frizzy and damaged hair for curling. This product has 12 types of temperature settings for all types of hair.

Specifications of Conair Instant Ceramic Hot Roller:

  • Gender: This product is for women.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions of this product are 6.8x7x13.2 inches.
  • Weight: It has 4.6 pounds of weight.
  • Shipping Weight: Shipping weight is 4.8 pounds.
  • Brand: Conair brand provides its products with quality assurance services and makes their customers satisfied.
  • Color: It is available in multiple colors.
  • Model: It is heated ceramic flocked rollers with cord reel.

Pros & Cons of Conair Instant Ceramic Hot Roller:

  • It can provide heat in an instant for 2 minutes.
  • It possesses different sizes of rollers which are large roller of 1-1/4inches, medium with 1inch size and small rollers with 3/4inch size.
  • It holds multiple ways of heating for your hair.
  • It can be used for all kinds of spoiled hair.
  • While using this product, you will have to pay full attention to keep heat suitable for your hair.

How To Use Conair Hot Rollers With Instructions :


Conair is the most beneficial brand according to their quality of products and versatility in their functions. This product, heat ceramic flocked rollers with cord reel, will be useful for you to make any kind of hairstyle. From the above Conair Instant Ceramic hot roller review, you can easily find what is the best hot roller for you.

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