Causes of Hair loss in Women

Unlike birds and pets we do not need our hair to keep us warm and survive the cold winters, so why exactly do we pay so much attention to hair? The plain truth is, not much differently from the gorgeous peacock who flaunts its feathers to attract a mate, hair even in our modern technology era is still one of the main assets of female -and even to some extent male- sexuality.  Whether we are talking about Jane Seymour or Jennifer Anniston, Farah Fawcett or Shakira, beautiful hair defines a woman, gives her sensuality, femininity, style and sex appeal.  It is no wonder that when female hair loss occurs, it has a serious traumatic emotional effect on women going through it.

Best Shampoo for Hair Loss

When faced with this troubling issue, women are left terribly frustrated and in deep need to find an efficient solution, and unfortunately only too often even when they turn to their doctors to address their troubling hair loss issue, their concerns are belittled since doctors often display a nonchalant attitude towards hair loss, and it is pushed off as genetic hair loss which is the easiest answer doctors give to get away from a real solution, in other words a more professional way to say ‘Sorry, there is nothing we can do about your alopecia, just ignore it’.

 Even the best dermatologists will perform the agonizing pull test (i.e. he or she will pull hard on a strand of your hair to test its strength) only to reconfirm what you initially came in for:  yes, indeed your hair is falling more than the acceptable average! Duh, you knew that, but why and what can you do to stop hair loss? In the best of cases, the doctor might then prescribe some topical solution such as Rogaine or Minoxidil as a hair loss treatment, which has its bad and good effects and will be discussed later in more detail.

But Hair loss in women can be caused by many reasons such as deficiency of some specific supplements, thyroid problems, low iron storage (ferritin), physical trauma such as surgery, female hormonal imbalance such as pregnancy, menopause, the Birth Control Pill, polycystic ovary syndrome,  or eating disorders, some medications such as anti-anxiety meds, emotional stress are all causes for hair loss in women and sometimes of course it can be caused by genetics, but with a proper and extensive education on all the reasons for female hair loss, women will understand what is happening to their body, pin point the cause of their hair loss, often stop hair loss and maybe even reverse the damage hair loss caused.   Most doctors are quite passive when it comes to treating hair loss but arming yourself with all the knowledge on female hair loss will be your best remedy.

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