Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert Review

Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert is a light based hair removal machine. The machine is a result of cooperation between two big names in hair removal world; Braun and Gillette Venus. The machine uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. The technology targets hair roots and uses waves of light energy to destroy them permanently.  In four self treatment sessions you will have great result. Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL hair removal machine works best for light to medium skin tones with hair ranging from natural blonde to dark brown or black. The device will not work effectively on very blonde, red, grey or white hair. These hair colors have so very small amount of melanin that can’t absorb the light. It is not recommended for dark skin tones or light hair colors.

Gillette Venus Silk Expert Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

Features of Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert:

Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert is a very fast hair removal machine, as it is capable of treating one arm or leg in just 8 minutes. It also has the smart SensoAdapt. SensoAdapt is a skin tone sensor.  The sensor detects your skin tone instantly and automatically adapts the light intensity for best efficacy and safety. SensoAdapt can also read the various skin tones across different parts of the body, so it can give each tone the right amount and level of energy. The device’s advanced sensor always ensures the right light intensity for the safest, most effective treatment. Braun Gillette Venus laser hair removal can give permanent hair reduction in about 4 weeks

Specifications of Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert:

Unlike many other light-based machines in the market, Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert has a continuous application mode. This mode means that you press once on the activation button and it remains held down. This saves you from holding the button yourself. The device is corded for uninterrupted treatments with maximum power. It also works for all body parts. You can use it on bikini line, arm pits, legs, arms, upper lip and chin.

Pros & Cons of Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert


  • Unique SensoAdapt
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a Face Cleansing Brush
  • Clinically tested and proven
  • Permanent hair reduction in short time
  • Money saving, as you don’t need to buy lamps, creams, gels or anything
  • Needs electricity to work, There is no charging required
  • Continuous application mode


  • Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert does not work for all skin tones and hair colors


Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert knows exactly what you need. The advanced SensoAdapt can know exactly the intensity your skin needs and tolerates. You will not have to think about any ongoing costs, as the machine does not need cartridge replacement or any especial creams or gels. The cost of one or two professional laser hair removal sessions equal the cost of buying Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert. You can use the device without any fears or concerns about your skin, as it is totally safe. With the device you can have similar results in a very short time and in the comfort and privacy of your home.

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