Hair Dryers For Thick Hair

The hair dryers may not necessarily be the most impressive accessory when it comes to your personal necessities or beauty care. However, it plays a vital role if you have a variable type of hair. Thick hair obviously requires more power, just like thin hair is more sensitive and prone to breaking. Both these types need some extra volume as well, which is vital when you choose the hair dryer. But the main point is how to find the best blow dryers for thick hair? Fortunately, a few basic reviews can open a lot of doors.

best hair dryer

Conair 225NP Comfort Touch :

Conair may not need too many presentations in the beauty and care industry, but each of its products has particular specifications and features. When it comes to 225NP Comfort Touch, you can count on a very viable product with just the right features needed in the process. First of all, the dryer requires not less than 1,875 watts of power to run. Therefore, it has a pretty high power that will ensure a quick and efficient drying process. Moreover, you can also choose the fast speed setting, which is even more powerful. There are two different speed settings, but also three different temperatures. It makes no difference how much you plan to use the dryer since the on/off button will maintain a cold temperature. The handle is fitted with the most soft rubber cover for a comfortable experience. Although it no longer represents a rare and unique feature, it is worth knowing that the tourmaline ceramic technology is present to ensure a proper volume and the right brightness.

John Frieda Hair Dryer :

John Frieda may not need too many presentations in the beauty world, but it is very important to decide whether or not you actually need one of his products. When it comes to hair dryers, the high quality is a clear standard. Clearly, the costs are a little greater than other products in the same niche. All in all, the hair dryer is very lightweight and brings in a soft ionic generator. A few professional switches and a diffuser for an even distribution of heat come to complete a perfect product. Other than that, you have two-speed options, but also three heating settings.

Harold Revlon RV544 :

Revlon may already be familiar enough in the beauty industry, but just like for any other category of products, you want to learn more about a particular item before actually spending your money. The RV544 is one of the most inexpensive products on the market, so this is definitely a plus. You might expect the quality to be just as cheap, but the truth is that you get all the features you might need to dry your hair. The tourmaline ionic technology is one of its main pluses, but it no longer represents an innovation in hair dryers. Other than that, the power consumption might be a little high, but you get to dry your hair a lot faster with 1,875 watts. It is almost impossible to find another dryer with the same power and such a low price.

As for the general settings, two heating or speed variations are more than enough. The handle ensures a proper grip while the diffuser is removable. If you want more power, you just have to remove it. Otherwise, you are free to enjoy the even distribution of heat on your hair.

Conair 276R Infiniti Pro :

Conair 276 Infiniti Pro is the type of hair dryer you see in professional salons. It is compact, thin and very powerful – 1,875 watts of power. Besides, its design is just as stylish. There are not many differences between this hair dryer and other similar products, but a few small details can make the difference. From this point of view, the volume attachment is a serious plus. It is located on the tip and protected by a transparent cover. It will give you the availability to take your time and actually work on the volume of your hair, especially if it is too thick and stubborn. Other than that, the motor is just as convincing, since it is supposed to resist for at least three times more than other similar ones. Two attachments, variable speeds, a quiet atmosphere and a lightweight design come to complete an almost perfect product.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, getting the best hair dryers for thick hair is a matter of personal preferences. Small features are usually alike while the design is the one that makes the difference.

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    Best I have ever used is the hair dryer by Karmin 🙂

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