9 Tips To Follow While Curling Your Hair

Here are some does and don’ts that you have to keep in mind when curling your hair. Read it before buying the curling wand!

  • Curling Tip 1:

You have to choose the right iron size and material to achieve the healthy and shiny look.

  • Curling Tip 2:

Pick the right heat for your hair. Depending on how strong and curly you want your hair, you should set the heat on the curling wand.

If you have healthy hair, color treated or weak hair – adjust the wand temperature below 200 degrees – it is low heat, for avoiding burning out your hair. For the curly and strong hair, you can configure higher temperature – between 200 and 300 degrees.  If you see that hair does not correspond to the heating and curling process, you should heat up, but never more than 400 degrees.

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  • Curling Tip 3:

Before buying curling wand, explore what material it is made of.  It is said that curling  wands are made of  3 different types of materials: Ceramic and tourmaline irons, Hydro Silk Tourmaline Ceramic, Gold and Titanium irons, Chrome irons. All these types affect different curls.

Ceramic and tourmaline irons are the safest choice of professionals as they tend to be the healthiest for hair. Chrome irons are said to be worst as they can be purchased at any drugstore for a low price, but they lack to heat up evenly, don’t protect against frizz, and can also snag fragile hair.

  • Curling Tip 4:

You must prepare your hair before curling with the best hair curler. All professionals prepare hair before curling. Here are the steps you should take before curling your hair. If your hair is naturally oily and limp, you have to wash and condition with volumizing products. It is necessary to use the thermal heat protection to prevent heat damage.  After this, apply a strong-hold mousse on your roots to get a fuller look or from mid-shaft to ends for a looser, softer look. You have to blow dry hair upside down with your hands until hair is completely dry.

  • Curling Tip 5: 

If you have thick hair, and hair is not oily, do not wash it before curling your hair.  You may just put some dry shampoo to give extra lift.  Then, as pointed before, apply a heat protection to avoid the possible damage. Do not forget the strong mouse to get your curls strong and long lasting.

  • Curling Tip 6:

Divide and clip your hair into several sections. If your hair is thick, you should make much more sections. Take an inch section and comb it. Select the part at the ends and mist with a light-hold hairspray to create lift.  Then roll it on the curling wand. Continue working in sections until your entire head is curled. After you have finished with all the sections, gently finger comb curls and spray entire head with hairspray.

  • Curling Tip 7:

How to get nice loose waves? To get a beachy feel, only shake out the curls with your hands.

  • Curling Tip 8:

Never curl your hair with the curling want when the hair is wet.

  • Curling Tip 9:

You should always clean your curling wand after curling your hair because there may be left some styling products.

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